11 Plus

At JJs we are very successful at helping students work towards the 11+ and we have many years’ experience in this area.

In line with recent changes announced on the CSSE website, we have tailored our tutoring to include the following:

  • verbal reasoning (the kind likely to be embedded in the English paper);
  • creative writing;
  • comprehesion and grammar;
  • mathematics, including numerical problem solving;
  • non-verbal reasoning.

We will be following the CSSE website to check for any further details relating to upcoming exams.

If you are thinking of tutoring for this exam, or would like further information, then please give us a call to arrange a free assessment and consultation.  It really is a specialised exam (the only time-sensitive one in the English curriculum!) so it is worth talking over.  Even if you decide that you don’t want us to work with you and your child towards this exam, we are more than happy to share our considerable experience of preparing students for it.



Maths is a cumulative subject. Without the basics in place, students are storing up problems that will surface down the road. Most of the issues that we see are because a student has missed a topic, or just “didn’t get it” and, in a classroom setting, there is seldom a second chance.


Our English programmes are designed to help improve literacy skills such as reading, spelling, phonics, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and expression.


JJs Tuition are pleased to announce the addition of GCSE Science. Preparation for Chemistry, Physics and Biology for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards by our teacher qualified Science specialist tutor.

Working Towards 11+

Our approach is, always, to use the very best resources for each student, and to make sure that anything we use lives up to JJs philosophy of helping each student to be the very best he or she can be.