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How To Solve 1 Step Equations

How To Solve 2 Step Equations

Bus Stop Division


How To Solve 2 Step Equations

11+ Verbal Reasoning Type 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning Type 2

11+ Compound Words

11+ Word Codes

Simultaneous Equations

Basic Division

Order of Operations (BODMAS)

Percentages Made Easy

Operations With Fractions

11+ Abstract Reasoning

JJ's Tuition

Our team of highly experienced tutors based in Leigh on Sea, Basildon and Benfleet are here to help your child to become the best version of themselves possible.

Education is the most important gift that you as a parent can give them and sometimes this is just not possible with the state education system and they need more.

At JJ’s our brilliant teachers have the resources and the time to give your child the one-to-one tuition that they need. When a child first comes to JJs they get a free trial lesson with us.  We then tailor a learning program unique to them.

This assessment helps us to assess where your child is at academically; where they need to be in order to reach their potential and to then try and exceed that potential.

Contact us today for a free assessment lesson.

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