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Online Tuition - Our Concern

Like many parents and educators, we were very concerned when schools got shut due to the corona virus. Concerned that our children and pupil's education would suffer from school closures.

Fortunately, we were able to seamlessly switch from tutoring in our Leigh on sea, Basildon and Benfleet centres to an online tuition-based system.

As humans there is a natural inclination for close contact with others and many parents were at the time worried that switching from in person to online tutoring would not be as good or the right thing to do.

Indeed, it is not the same teaching online. It is more interactive. We can share more resources with our pupils online like videos, files and links to various education sources. We also have an interactive white board where we can show a pupil what we are doing and they can see us and the interactive white board at the same time. We can both share that use of technology which improves their learning.

The lesson is more relevant in its ability to engage more with our pupils on a level they understand and feel comfortable with.

Advantages - Studies

Studies have shown that most people work better from home - I am sure some of you who have been made to work at home preferred that flexibility and calmer and more comfortable atmosphere that is produced for your company and are now finding that it increases productivity.

Exactly the same thing is happening with our children. They feel comfortable learning from home.

Now, we can be more flexible in the hours we teach. We can teach at an hour that suits you and your child. There’s no rush to get ready and jump in the car and no worry that you have packed everything for their lesson and of course no traffic jams to get stuck in either. No worries about finding a parking space or deciding whether to wait for your child to finish their lesson or to leave your child to go home and then pick them up again.

You can let them just get on with their work with their tutor in their room, the lounge or if it is a nice day in the garden while you relax at home or get with some work yourself.

Also, we understand sometimes plans do get in the way and you have to cancel or rearrange their lessons due to travel, holidays, family reasons etc. But now as long as you have an internet connection (4G usually works fine) then your child can learn anywhere in the country or the world for that matter. Some of our older pupils use phones for their lessons but many use laptops or tablets and that works really well for them.

For about the last 5 years or so like many tutors we have been debating the use of online tuition as a service and thinking why would anyone want that? Well the first reason why we and many other tutors finally took the plunge was for the health and safety of all our pupils to make sure they all still get an education.

Smiling young African college student using a laptop at school
Schoolgirl In IT Class Using Computer

“I’m really impressed this week with the commitment shown by Layla’s tutors in response to this change in working. They have provided tailored work packs for students and scheduled one-one Zoom lessons, with emphasis on continuity and the online safety of their students. With thanks to Craig (maths) and Dani (english). Highly recommended.”

Free Trial Lesson

If you have any questions and would like a free trial lesson please get in touch with Craig, Julie or Alice either by phone, live chat or you can fill in our contact form.

Benefits of Online Tuition

We are now starting to see the benefits of online tuition in that it is not just that we carry on educating pupils but we also get to do to it in a way that at first may seem a bit new and novel but it is still engaging for a pupil.

Pupils feel comfortable with the online technology and we the tutors can monitor in real time what they are doing to such an extent that nobody feels like they have missed out on receiving tuition, the end goal is therefore maintained despite moving online.

As a parent when your child has tuition with us you either drop them off or wait in our waiting room which means you don’t really get to see close up what is happening.

Online Tuition Recap

Even though we do do revision sessions where we go over old topics it is still handy to help refresh their memories and guide them in the right direction.

To recap the advantages of online tuition are as follows:

1. Learn from more comfortable and familiar surroundings – some pupils learn better this way.

2. Lessons can be fitted round your schedule a lot easier – no more dashing to and from the car!

3. No geographical constraints – your child can learn from anywhere in the world.

4. More online tools and interaction to help with learning journey.

5. Record a lesson – see what they are learning. Use recordings to help with homework and revision or

maybe if they are sick and miss a lesson use the recording to help them catch up.

As you can tell we are now firm converts to online tuition and so far, haven’t seen any real downsides to it just plenty of unexpected benefits. As and when it is safe to return to normality, we will offer traditional lessons again but we will still keep the online lessons for anyone who still wants them. We will also incorporate some of the technologies we have used online and use them in the lessons we have back in our Basildon, Benfleet and Leigh on Sea centres.

To find out more and to book a free trial lesson please Call, message or live chat us today and either Craig, Julie or Alice will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

Young handsome boy thinking while using laptop on the couch at home
Young caucasian boy at work on a desktop computer system.

“George has done fantastically well with his online maths lessons with Jon. Like most boys he really loves computer games so it was no problem getting him to do the lesson on his laptop. He thinks it is great fun and he is learning such a lot. I am very pleased -Thanks so much Jon and JJs!”

Janette Stevens


George's Mum

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