Our Promise to Parents

Our Promise to Parents

“We have spent the last eight years refining the service we offer our students, and the parents who have faith in our ability to help their children. It might sound boastful, but we are exceptionally good.  The way we work is one-to-one, within a small group, with every student working to a customised learning plan (no more than four students per teacher at any time).  That’s really important.  We build and develop a bond of trust so that the students – far from thinking that they can’t achieve – work with their tutor to, first pass through their perceived barriers and then, fly well beyond them.

Book a FREE consultation and educational assessment with us, and we will tell you exactly what we can do to help your child. We will…

  • tell you which areas need help in order to improve
  • recommend & design a tailored learning plan
  • give you regular feedback
  • assess progress and amend your child’s workplan as appropriate

If your child is doing just fine, then we’ll happily say so. You don’t have to make any minimum commitment to attend because our success is built on results. That’s always been our approach and it always will be. It’s why over 90% of our students come to us from personal recommendation.”

To book a FREE consultation, talk about your concerns or for that matter, just chat about your child’s education, give Julie or Craig a call and we will help with Maths, English or Science.

There’s no obligation, and not only will we talk to you about your child we will positively welcome the conversation. We are passionate about education because it’s what we do!

Call now 01702 553353. You can also email us at info@jjstuition.co.uk.

Tell us now! Complete the enquiry on our contact page.


Maths is a cumulative subject. Without the basics in place, students are storing up problems that will surface down the road. Most of the issues that we see are because a student has missed a topic, or just “didn’t get it” and, in a classroom setting, there is seldom a second chance.


Our English programmes are designed to help improve literacy skills such as reading, spelling, phonics, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and expression.


JJs Tuition are pleased to announce the addition of GCSE Science. Preparation for Chemistry, Physics and Biology for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards by our teacher qualified Science specialist tutor.

Working Towards 11+

Our approach is, always, to use the very best resources for each student, and to make sure that anything we use lives up to JJs philosophy of helping each student to be the very best he or she can be.