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Our Maths Programmes

At At JJs Tuition our Maths programs are designed to make sure that every student can progress at the optimum rate.

Although we are results driven in our aims, we like to approach learning in a more fun and engaging way that makes your child want to learn and improve their abilities and confidence with us.

Any initial lesson with us is always your free trial lesson. We don’t just jump into a lesson to begin with. First, we discuss with you your concerns about your child’s current situation and what you or their School think needs to be improved upon.

Now if you don’t have any or only a small amount of information for our tutors that is not a problem as their first lesson is more of an assessment where we ascertain where they are and what areas need addressing.

We then put a personalised plan together that we will think help benefit your child the most. At this stage we hope you then signup with us but there is no pressure to do so – we fortunately aren’t sales people but the fact that you are reading this proves you care about your child’s education and that you want the best for them. All our tutors are passionate about helping all the children we tutor.

Free Trial Lesson

If you have any questions and would like a free trial lesson please get in touch with Craig, Julie or Alice either by phone, live chat or you can fill in our contact form.


We also give your child homework after each lesson which we expect them to do each time and hand in the following lesson for their tutor to mark.

The homework we give them helps reinforce what they have learnt in a lesson and is tailored to their ability. We also encourage them and parents to give us continuous feedback on how they are finding the lessons and the work to make sure we can give the maximum benefits that they deserve.

You may have noticed that Maths is a cumulative subject. This means that without the basics in place, students are storing up problems that will almost rear their ugly heads at some point during their learning journey.

Most of these issues that we see crop up are because a student has missed a topic, or just “didn’t get it” and, in a classroom setting, there is seldom a second chance particularly when teachers are under time constraints and as we know students learn at different paces and a teacher cannot usually accommodate that but our tutors can!

Working in their self-interest
Schoolgirl Studying In Classroom
My daughter spent the last two years of primary school being tutored by JJs. They were excellent in their approach to my daughter growing in English and Maths. Her work was always tailored to help her improve and she always came out happy. Plenty of homework given out but focussed on individual child's need. Julie is a very approachable person who will spend time with you as a parent giving any necessary advice and guidance to help your child improve and become confident. I would highly recommend them.

Karl Nash



Our outlearn Program

Our Outlearn program is paper and computer-based, it’s unavailable anywhere else in the area, and it is fun! It caters for ages 5-12.

For the older students and those preparing for GCSE Maths exams, we use Dr Zargle (past papers with worked solutions) Conquer Maths and Kerboodle, as well as our own expert knowledge and resources. We make many of our tutorials available to our students to work from home as well.

At some point in your learning journey your child will reach their goals and either have caught up at School or have excelled. This is the stage where some parents think our work is done and that is the end of tutoring for their child.

Unfortunately all too often a child needs our continuous support as some can fall behind at School again and without our safety net they can repeat the process of falling behind again as their pace of work or understanding can be different to the speed and resources their class teachers have.

Young woman using digital tablet to sign in online educational site
Cheerful boy in the school desk

Finding JJs was one of the best things we have ever done. Ellis has come on leaps and bounds with his maths in a very short time and we are so pleased!

Sophie Wells



Maintaining Higher Levels

So we are firm believers of maintaining their hard earned higher levels of abilities rather than having them fall behind again and then having to build them up and their abilities again.

We have Maths tutors in our Leigh on Sea, Basildon and Benfleet centres all highly experienced and trained in their own specific area of Maths from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 which includes the 11+, SATS, GCSEs and A level exams. Due to the Corona Virus we had to move all our lessons online. We hope once you read this things will be back to normal or at least heading that way.

Whatever happens we will continue to offer online tuition to those that want it as we realise it can be more comfortable to learn in your own home and more convenient for parents who don’t want to be driving around due to their busy schedules.

Whether it is online or in one of our centres the standard our tutors bring to the table when it comes to learning will be the same exacting standards, we expect our tutors to give your child.

To get started on with us here at JJs Tuition please give Craig, Julie or Alice a call or you can contact us on live chat or through our contact form.